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Easy, Eco-Friendly Updates and Ideas for the Bedroom

There's so many super simple ways to refresh your bedroom—and turn it into an eco-conscience, planet-friendly paradise! In every aspect of our lives, it's so important to remember and preserve the beauty of our planet by making conscience, thoughtful decisions. Plus, it's so easy to do! Read on to discover some of the best—and easiest—ways to makeover your bedroom while keeping the Earth in mind.



When it comes to giving your décor a brand new look, remember that that doesn't mean everything has to be brand new. Simply by giving one of your existing pieces of furniture a new coat of paint you can completely change the look of your bedroom—and bring a pop of color to the space. Plus, look to purchase antique or previously owned pieces from thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets, or buy furniture and accents that are made from reclaimed and recycled materials. You can find all kinds of pieces made from these eco-friendly materials over at



One of the easiest steps to revolutionize your bedroom is to give the space a new coat of paint, and, these days, it's incredibly simple to do just that while keeping the planet in mind! Look to purchase paints that are low or zero VOC. This means that they contain few or no volatile organic compounds, which are harmful chemicals and toxins released into the atmosphere when painting. If you'd rather avoid the hassle of painting, simply adding a pop of color with a cheerful accent or piece of décor is a great way to bring a fresh, bright touch to your bedroom.



When choosing new bedding, curtains, accents and rugs, be sure to buy all-natural, organic and renewable fibers. Organic cotton, jute, bamboo and wool are great choices to make sure the textiles in your bedroom entirely eco-friendly. Learn more about all-natural fibers here.



To make a space truly planet-friendly, it's important to keep energy consumption in mind. When updating window coverings, look for curtains and blinds that feature thermal backing. This helps regulate the interior temperature in both summer and winter, keeping your heating and cooling costs low, as well as keeping your carbon footprint in check. Plus, if you're ready for a project, it's a great idea to install an overhead ceiling fan to cool your bedroom in the summer without the use of energy-guzzling air conditioning. And, don't forget to change your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs! It's easy as can be, and advances in technology makes these bulbs not only supremely energy efficient, but also just as warm and inviting as traditional incandescent bulbs.



If it's time to let go of some of your old furniture or décor, don't just throw it out. Look to recycle whatever your can—like plastic blinds, for example—and donate everything else to your local charity shop or thrift store.

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