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Eco-Chic Fall Fashions

We love that nature, in its constant state of change, is always surrounding us with a new and fresh beauty. All the quintessential signs of fall are sneaking in around us—leaves are a little less green, pumpkins pile up by supermarket doors, and the mornings are marked by a distinct electrifying chill—and theses marks of seasonal change mark something else too, the time to give your closet its biannual make over. The floral patterns, lightweight fabric blends, and sleeveless styles of spring and summer have become a thing of the past. And around here, we have some pretty specific ideas on the good things they should be replaced with. Here is your guide to fall fabrics and fashions with VivaTerra:

Organic Cotton: Super soft, lightweight, and yet warm enough to stop fall’s crisp cool air from cutting too deep. It’s the perfect transitional fabric for the season. But of course, the main benefit of organic cotton clothing is the eco-conscious elements of its production. Organic cottons are grown and harvested without the use of harmful toxins such as pesticides and insecticides. Making it better for the farmers and workers who grow it, the world around it, and you—the people who wear it.

organic cotton blouse


Alpaca Wool: Alpaca yarn is a naturally durable, luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic material that’s a total necessity for your cold weather wardrobe. Due to the environmental conditions alpacas are subjected to in their natural habitat, their coat posses a unique combination of qualities: it is both lightweight and warm. Alpaca is also a great cozy alternative for those who may be allergic to wool.

alpaca coverup


Luxurious Combinations: With so many so wonderful materials available to warm up in, we don’t see a reason not to combine a few of them together. Our Wool Luxe Winter Coat brings together alpaca, merino wool, and organic cotton to make the ultimate statement in style and cozy luxury. So, if you can’t decide on just one, you can reap the benefits of all fall’s best materials in one garment.

Wool Luxe Winter Coat


Cashmere: The reputation of cashmere precedes it—as one of the most well-known luxury fabrics for winter weather out there, we hardly have to explain why we love it. Ultra soft, wrinkle free, animal friendly and sustainable, cashmere is a natural when it comes to building an eco-friendly and cozy closet. Make it number one on your list if you have holiday travel plans, as it resist wrinkles and pairs well with just about anything.

cashmere sweater


Texture: The quality that truly sets fall fashions apart from the styles of warmer weather. Thick knits, voluminous fibers and loosely woven materials give the winter wardrobe a bold and textural fashion advantage. We love the dimension and pattern in our Duo Knitted V-neck Poncho that gives it a distinct look among the sea of sweaters that will surround it this season.

textured coverup


Cozy Accessories: The bow on the top of every autumn outfit is a cozy accessory. A knitted scarf, fuzzy mittens, or a woven hat—what more do you need to brave the cold in comfort and in style?

cozy neck wrap


You can shop all of our favorite fall fabrics and fashions in your most recent copy of the VivaTerra Fall catalog, or here online at! Plus, keep an eye out for your upcoming copy of our holiday catalog, filled with tons of new styles to keep you cozy in the cold.

Wed Nov 29 14:30:15 EST 2023