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Fall Bounty Centerpieces

Give thanks this season to Mother Earth's bounty with your own stunning fall centerpieces. We used some of our Root of Earth Bowls  to create two simple but festive root bowl displays. Read on to see how.

Orchid Root Bowl Centerpiece

Using one of our orchids plants that we had on-hand, we planted it in one of our medium-sized root bowl. We topped off the top with some moss to help absorb moisture and cover the roots. When caring for the orchid remember to spray with water occasionally to keep plant moist. Orchids are best kept in well-lit areas but ensure they avoid direct sunlight.

Plant three different sized orchid plants in our three different sized Root of Earth Bowls for a tiered display. These serve as the perfect holiday gift!

Fall Harvest Centerpiece

During a recent dinner, we set the table with three of these extraordinary root bowl displays. Each large Root of Earth Bowl was filled with vegetables and gourds from our garden and local farmer's market. Simple to assemble, each centerpiece comes out elegantly regardless of how we crafted them. We used radishes, artichokes, blackberries, broccoli and various gourds and squashes to build our pieces. What we loved most about each of these centerpieces was that they transitioned seamlessly from the kitchen, as a unique vessel for our fall bounty, to the dining room, as a one-of-a-kind statement piece. After dinner, our guests took them home as a memorable keepsake from our meal and our garden.

Wed Nov 29 12:59:56 EST 2023