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Gifts for cozying up at home

We're updating our kitchen for fall with a fushion of modern functionality and rustic overtones that still allow your personal backdrop to remain undisturbed. With a few updates that balance, reset, and organize, you'll create a sesnse of coziness that the heart of the home strives for. Exposed baskets, workstations, and hand-carved artistic accessories give the kitchen a timeless appeal but there are many different ways in which you can create your own modern rustic kitchen with a few simple additions.

cozy gifts for women

Perhaps it's the weighted blanket, making us feel cocooned in warmth, that helps to harnesses the full "me time" vibes. The large chunky weave wool perfectly envelops us and feels like a cozy handcrafted hug. Paired with a soft cardigan or cashmere poncho along with Ayurveda chocolates and soothing tea and you’ve got a perfect date night with your favorite book.

1. Chunky Knit Throw 2. Elements Ayurveda Chocolates 3. Alpaca-Blend Belted Long Cardigan 4. Ceramic Drip Glaze Teapot with Infuser 5. Lightweight Cashmere Boatneck Poncho

cosy sanctuary - gifts for creating a calm space

Surrounding yourself with calming scents, soothing sounds, and inspiring images are the perfect ingredients for a creating a cozy sanctuary. Start with a wrist swipe of our aromatherapy balms. Each balm can be used individually to target a specific need or together as a personal mood and lifestyle support 'tool kit'. Next, light one of the hand-rolled incense sticks created with copal and lagrima resin, which have been used for thousands of years in spiritual practices to cleanse, purify, and heal. Finally, turn on the soothing sounds of our Glass And Stone Cairn Water fountain, which adds a sense of balance and calm to the hectic pace of daily life.

1. Aromatherapy Balm And Candle Gift Set 2. Ceramic Buddha Incense Holder 3. Aromatherapy Balms 4. Glass And Stone Cairn Water Fountain

cozy game night - gifts for making staying-in more comfy and fun

Deal a dose of after-dinner fun with your bestie and pile on the cozy in the form of colorful holiday pillows and mugs of haute chocolate on our intimate reclaimed wood nesting tables. Add a crackling fire and Bing Crosby tunes and game night got a cozy makeover -a perfect night in.

1. Terra Green Mugs 2. Calypso Chocolate Gift Box 3. Reclaimed Wood Round Nesting Tables, Set Of 2 4. Assorted Holiday Pillows


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