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Justina Blakeney: Designer Of Wild Wonders

Justina Blakeney is a girl gone wild in the best way possible. A figurehead in the world of bohemian style, Justina is leading the charge on inspiring spaces filled with bold color & pattern, modern style, and signature boho flair (also, plants, a lot of plants). She is a designer, artist, blogger at, and the author of the New Your Times best-selling book The New Bohemians. And now, she is also the visionary behind a collection of breathtakingly bold Loloi pillows and rugs.

Wild patterns, eye-catching colors and outlandish texture define the collection and assure a transformative style update for any room in which the pieces are placed. The collection, a collaboration with Loloi, is made using all natural materials. And as always, you can count on our Loloi pillows (Justina’s and otherwise) to be stuffed with plush natural down filling. View some of her pieces and inspiring spaces here, and be sure to shop Justina’s wild designs in our new Summer Collection!


Loloi red rugs

Loloi Aqua Rug close up

Loloi Rugs in Boho Room

Loloi Blue Rug up close


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Thu Dec 07 06:06:18 EST 2023