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On Trend: Copper in the Kitchen

It’s no secret that metallics are a big part of the housewares & home décor categories. A shimmering accent can effortlessly add an eye-catching pop to any space, or a large gilded furnishing can make a major impact. We see gleaming side tables, flatware, light fixtures, and even metallic fibers woven into home textiles. But, where is our current favorite location to add this twinkling trend? The kitchen.

Our metal of choice for the kitchen is copper. This is because it’s the most practical; it’s a durable conductor of heat and makes sense due to the utilitarian nature of kitchen design. But also because it’s the perfect kind of shine between silver and gold. Silver can be too cold in color, and because it’s more commonly used, can lack the “wow factor” you’re looking to add to your room. On the other hand, gold can be too over-the-top; finding the line between tasteful and tacky with this metallic can be challenging. Copper, however, with its bright shine and warm tone, is a perfect middleground for your kitchen space.

Our new spring Copper-Plated Wire Storage Collection makes it easier than ever to introduce this material into the heart of your home. Each piece offers a practical and stylish storage solution that is imperative to both kitchen décor and functionally. Keep spices, cookbooks, utensils and more stored, organized and always within your reach without looking like you’ve left them lying out or creating and eyesore for the sake of functionality in your space. Shop the collection and see our gallery below for chic copper-accented kitchens.


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