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In the beautiful traditional arts of Thailand, we often see heavy influences of Buddhist and Hindu traditions. These religious cultural influences were brought in from India and other neighboring countries and ethnic groups. Thai style however, did grow into its own unique style during the mid-thirteenth century, while its religiously focused themes remained. These arts included many forms; Thai painting, textiles, ceramics, architecture, carving, sculpture, and more were prevalent through all cultural periods.

The form of Thai art we may admire most is intricate wood-carved artistry. All across Thailand you will see remarkable detailed carvings, which grace the doors and walls of temples and other places of worship. More often than not, these carved works feature motifs depicting Buddhist and Hindu mythology, and draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. Artisans used only handheld tools to render these impressively detailed scenes, and today this tradition of hand carving continues in Thai arts.

Thailand Handcarved PanelsMany of these works, old and new alike, were carved into teak wood. Indigenous to the area, its was prized because it was a hardwood with a rich beautiful color, and because it was known to be resistant to the elements. Its durable nature has proven to be true as we see that these beautiful creations are still standing and intact today. Many products in our Thailand collection are crafted using beautiful teak as well. One of our favorite examples of the beautiful intricacy of this art form is our Teak Lotus Handcarved Wall Art. A traditional symbol of prosperity, this beautiful panel wall art is sure to bring a wealth of decorative appeal to any space. Handcarved, sanded and waxed by Thai artisans and craftsmen, this absolutely gorgeous piece of art reflects hours of care and attention, resulting in an incredibly complex, blossoming design. With these panels or any item from our collection, you can bring a piece of Thai artistry and traditional culture into your home.

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