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The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

At VivaTerra we believe the rich character and beauty of reclaimed wood is undeniable. Being ever eco-conscious, we are filled with excitement that the consumer demand for reclaimed wood products has grown so much in popularity. We have always seen the value in the aesthetic of the wood and admired the story of a past life it has to tell, but even more, the value of its impact on the environment.

Salvaging wood­­—as with reusing almost anything—reduces our constant contribution to the world’s landfills. From the deconstruction of old buildings and homes to simply tossing a sofa on the curb, discarded wood contributes more than you think. According to an EPA annual report released in 2012, wood accounted for 8% of our landfill content even after recyclable woods had been recovered from the fills. This waste is among some of the most preventable if initiative is taken to dispose of wood properly and efforts are made to salvage it.

The beauty of recycled wood products such as our Gustavian Bed, Yosemite Coat Rack speaks up for the cause itself. But if that wasn’t enough, these products also benefit the environment in a stand against deforestation. When a home furnishing is made from “first growth wood” it means that it has received the first use of wood from a freshly logged tree. Our trees and forest our vital to balancing our climate and atmosphere, preventing flooding and soil erosion, and acting as the place that our wildlife calls home. Salvaged or reclaimed wood protects our environment, because when it is recovered from its original use and repurposed it not only saves trees, but also uses only a fraction of the energy and natural resources during production as its first growth counterpart.

It is so important to remember that the resources of our natural world are not limitless, and to always keep a conscious eye on our personal impact on the planet. We try to make this easy by providing well-crafted, high-quality, eco-friendly and repurposed home furnishing and accents. Head over to and search for our Vintage Fir collection to explore the beauty and sustainability salvaged wood can bring to your home.


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Thu Dec 07 01:26:17 EST 2023