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These honeycomb inspired habitats were designed to allow for a modular system of grouping several habitats together in a single area.

Native bees are the most prolific pollinators on our planet. Just one bee can pollinate several thousand blooms per day. Because their sole focus is pollination, they do not produce honey or beeswax which makes for friendly, non-aggressive neighbors.

By providing shelter for bees and butterflies, you’re helping to conserve and restore native populations of these fantastic, friendly, super pollinators.

  • Designed to hang in groups in a single area
  • Nontoxic, water-based finish
  • Helps friendly bee and butterfly populations thrive
  • Hang on a wall that gets morning sun (preferably under an overhang)
  • Plant native, pesticide-free plants nearby to draw pollinating bees
  • 8"W x 7"D X 5"H
  • Mason Bee Habitat: 8"W x 7"D X 5"H
  • Leaf Cutter Bee House: 8"W x 7"D X 5"H
  • Modular Butterfly House: 8"W x 7"D X 5"H
  • Highrise Bee House: 3.5"W x 2.75"D X 10"H
  • Winged Friends Hotel with Stake: 8"W x 7.5"D X 60.5"H
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