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Green Candle Glass Nightlight
V9113 |New

V9113 |New



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Brighten up your holidays with our charming Green Candle Glass Nightlight. Replace your ordinary light with this festive alternative and infuse a bathroom, bedroom, or hallway with the gentle glow of the holiday spirit.

Crafted from glass with a dazzling green finish, this nightlight resembles a softly glowing candle, thanks to its yellow-orange flame that mimics the warm flicker of a real candle when illuminated. The convenient plug-in base features an On/Off switch, making it a beautifully practical addition to your home this season.

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  • Green Candle Glass Nightlight offers a beautifully crafted glass design with a shimmering green finish
  • The yellow-orange flame creates a warm glow, resembling the flame of a real candle when turned on
  • Perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to bathrooms, bedrooms, or hallways
  • Features a plastic plug-in bottom with an On/Off switch for easy use
  • Crafted with distinctive elegance and quality
  • Ideal for adding light and ambiance to various spaces in your home during the holiday season

2.5"Dia. x 3"W x 6.5"H

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